Why Trekking in Nepal

Extended from East to west incessantly the northern Himalayas have attracted trekkers from the era of human being begins travelling one place to another proposing for mountaineering, pilgrimage and so on. From time immemorial its rough sky soaring crowned with white covered snow and decorate in vast glaciers has entice men to pit his bravery and ingenuity against its dangerous challenge. Beneath of snow-covered region generally  at 18,000 feet, prime  nature appears to relent and from the austere magnificence of the heights brings down to a different world of cascading farmland,   heart torching waterfalls, thick abundant green forests, flower-bedecked meadows and a variety of flora and fauna. Numbers of undulated rivers from mountain to plain flow clear blue and icy. Here nestle small villages and hamlets with their diverse local customs, dances, folklore and architecture. The people are as exciting as their surroundings and in many cases innocent of the sometimes dubious benefits of modern civilization.

The main important thing is Adventure in Human life. Having an adventure in the Himalayas is something you will remember for the rest of your life because not only is there real beauty in this land, there is also always the chance of real enthusiasm. We welcome you hearty in land of Buddha, where our landscape will unfurl bewitchingly beautiful views and our people will appeal you with their warmth and generosity.

Trekking in the Himalayan region is pleasant and has become reasonably easy with the development of inconsequential equipments and clothing with flourishing touristic infrastructure. There are trekking like easy to tough, long to short. Other scientific innovation like Vehicles, helicopters and aircrafts are also available to explore the Himalayas. That is not only means of easy your trekking trip it also save your time to conduct these thing in limited time bound.  But you still find people in remote mountain villages that maintain the age old traditions and have not changed for generations. There is much that is new and interesting in the Himalayan villages. The Famous trekking Himalayan routes in Nepal are Everest region treks, Annapurna Region Treks and Lantang Region Treks, a part from these routes there are many newly induce and eco friendly trekking trails that gives you the more adventures enthusiasm  to conduct the trekking in mountains.

In all place around the Himalayan valleys are almost full of rural settlements and the population gradually tiny with the rise in altitude. One always finds people on the trekking trails and there is no dearth of information as to trekking routes and directions. Hilly people are traditionally very friendly and this adds more pleasure to trekking in the Himalayas more than other area else. Some people believe that trekking in the Himalayas is a climbing trip where they have to negotiate rocky cliffs, thick jungles and uncharted routes. But this is not only reality in all Himalayan regions; the local people have well developed trails. There are routes from one village to the other, between adjoining mountain pastures and across well defined high altitude passes, where people travel from one valley to other for trade, cultural exchanges.

Trekking is more pleasant than climbing the high peaks and that offers stunning picturesque beauty. The Himalayan region, till now, has been comparatively less affected by the modern urban civilization with its industrial pollution. It provides an opportunity to be in organic surroundings and to get away from the milling crowds of the cities.

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