Newly Opened Trails Trekking

Thum ValleyNepal government and some organization reached new trekking routes in Nepal. We found new trekking routs are more interesting for trekkers in Nepal. New is exciting, and you will have more than your fair share of adventure and excitement as you trek along these virgin trails, discovering rare cultures and lifestyles and pristine nature at its very best, and lets not forget about some of the most amazing himalayan views on offer. These newly opened trekking routes allow you to explore some of the best parts of Nepal while at the same time not tripping over other trekkers like on the popular regular routes. You will truly get a sense of peace and well being as you challenge yourself on these treks. Most are camping and require you to be self sufficent as you trek from isloted village to village.
Newly opened trails opening up new routes for trekking we hope to bring tourism into the far reaches and little known parts of Nepal, creating income for the local people and new and interesting places to trek for tourists and travellers. During many of these treks, you will experience the vibrant culture of the local people, you will see their homes and witness local dance and cultural shows put on by the villagers giving you a great chance to learn about the people who inhabit these regions.

Newly Opened Trails Trekking

Dhudpokhari Khaling TrekDhudpokhari Khaling Trek

Dhudpokhari Khaling Trek


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